We develop robust knowledge driven
software, we implement it rigorously
and we provide first-class support.


We develop robust knowledge driven
software, we implement it rigorously
and we provide first-class support.


eData Management is the leading supplier of standards-based data access and analytics

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eData’s Management  team has a long track record of operational excellence and

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Our data solutions transform information into usable knowledge; giving managers needed tools

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The company’s headquarters are based at near the heart of the technology

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At eData we are always looking for talented, educated, experienced, and passionate

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Privacy Statement

eData Privacy Statement

eData is the premier supplier of insurance intelligence. The industry has entrusted eData with substantial amounts of information about vehicles and consumers. We work to maintain the public’s trust by offering products and services consistent with our commitment to eData’s Privacy Principles.

eData behaves responsibly and ethically when building and using databases.

• We use consumer information to provide essential information services to business customers in an ethical and responsible manner.

• We collect data from legitimate and responsible data sources only. We expect all data suppliers to honor the DMA Privacy Promise.

• We maintain quality audits to ensure the integrity of the data collected, from receipt through delivery.
eData restricts information sharing to those companies who have a legal, appropriate, and allowable use for the information.

• The consumer information we collect and provide to our business customers is limited to information necessary for the legitimate business purposes of eData and its business customers.

• We maintain control over the use of our consumer information through contractual agreements and guidelines established with our customers and vendors.

eData keeps client and consumer information secure from unauthorized access.

• We maintain physical and electronic security of our facilities and systems to protect data from unauthorized access, use, or dissemination.

• We work only with reputable industry service companies to support our business and require that these companies adhere to our practices concerning the handling and use of consumer data.

• We maintain internal practices to protect the security of information by limiting access to data, systems, and facilities.

eData works within regulatory requirements to maintain the best information value for our customers.

• We maintain an executive level committee that reviews eData’s collection, use and distribution of consumer information.

• We maintain an awareness of legislative and administrative actions that affect our ability to provide high-quality information to our clients. We work to influence those actions, where appropriate, to deliver value to our clients.

• We advise our customers about data compliance and permissible uses.

eData includes privacy principles and practices in its standards for employee ethics.

• We expect all eData employees to share in upholding the public’s confidence and trust, and to apply eData’s privacy principles and practices in every aspect of our business.

• We include eData privacy principles and practices as part of the orientation program for all new employees.

• We conduct regular information sharing meetings and maintain electronic bulletin boards to educate employees on compliance issues.

eData respects a consumer’s expressed desire to be removed from marketing lists.

• eData respects a consumer’s choice not to be contacted for marketing purposes. Consumers who contact eData by phone or mail or email will be removed from our marketing lists.

• We expend significant effort and expense in maintaining our name suppression system, and make every reasonable effort to comply with consumer requests.

• We subscribe to the Cosnumer Protection Department and to suppression services supplied by state governments.
Access to and Correction of State-Sourced Information

eData collects and compiles motor vehicle insurance registration and title information to provide products and services to authorized entities.

Consumer information from motor vehicle records is used in compliance with the governing laws and regulations and thus not used by eData or provided to other entities by eData for direct marketing purposes. To access or correct your motor vehicle insurance registration and/or title information, contact your insurance company that processes motor vehicle titles and insurance registration.